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RADO’s Brand Ambassador Hrithik Roshan at Zimson Watch Store
It was an amazing experience for the Zimson Family – A #Luxury #Watch Retailer Since 1948 While Hosting the #RADO‘s Brand Ambassador #HrithikRoshan!
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Watches, as we know, are a reflection of your persona and style. They represent your taste, individuality and character and are no longer just a utility. They have also been seen as a status symbol since time immemorial. Since the 16th century when watches were introduced, the wrist watch has become a fashion statement while being an essential accessory for both men and women. With their features, design and mechanism evolving with time and age, there have materialised brilliant watch makers creating time pieces that may even be considered “works of art”. They feature the finest of materials and most delicate mechanisms with high quality gems and jewellery put together with the expertise of the trained eye, and is seen as a privilege to be possessed.

Finding the perfect watch to match your taste and individuality can be top priority and we at Zimson make it our business to provide the best as well as the widest range of luxury and everyday watches to suit every mood and style of yours. While we do know and believe that a few great time pieces can be got at competitive prices, we provide you with a guide to understanding some of the world’s top luxury watches enabling you to choose from the best! This understanding will help you with your refined taste and in choosing the one that pleases your aesthetic sense. Being prime examples of luxury watch range these are internationally acclaimed brands that are popular for both their appeal and functionality.

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